Hinge adds Video and Poll Prompts to get daters talking

Dating app Hinge has introduced Video and Poll Prompts, following research it carried out that found that 50 per cent of daters feel bored when receiving a one-word opener in-app. Poll Prompts will give daters the ability to poll their matches about topics designed to kickstart a great conversation and debate – from “Instead of getting drinks, lets”,  to “A dream home must include”, and “Pick the best one”. 

Hinge also found more than half of Hinge users want to see an unfiltered/unedited video of a potential match on their profile. Video Prompts will allow users to create 30-second videos for their profile from within the app, allowing users to get to know the person they may go on a date with, from their mannerisms to voice to environment.

To use Video Prompts, users need to click ‘Edit Profile’ from the Settings screen, then tap ‘Select a Prompt’ under the new ‘Video Prompt’ section. Then choose a Video Prompt, such as “Something that’s special to me” to record their response. Tap the ‘Record’ button to begin recording for up to 30 seconds, then tap the ‘Stop’ button to end the recording. Users can watch the video before it goes live, by pressing the ‘Play’ button. Click ‘done’ and the Video Prompt will be added and displayed under the first picture on the user’s profile. 

To use Prompt Polls, users need to click ‘Edit Profile’ from the Settings screen, then tap ‘Create a poll’ under the new ‘Prompt Poll’ section and then choose a Prompt, such as “Instead of getting drinks, let’s”. They then fill out three answer options and click ‘Done’ add the Prompt Poll and display it under the first picture on their profile. If they have added a Video Prompt, it will be displayed under that.