Hivemapper launches decentralised global mapping network  

Hivemapper, a Solana-based decentralized global mapping network that creates and sources map coverage, has announced the launch of its network and its cryptocurrency, Honey. Drivers can now begin using the Hivemapper Dashcam, the world’s first crypto-miner dashcam to contribute 4K street-level imagery and earn Honey tokens. 

Billions of people across the globe depend on maps every day. Currently, Hivemapper says, the high cost of mapping has resulted in a select few conglomerates monopolizing the market, resulting in both a lack of competition and coverage that is updated only every two years. 

With Hivemapper Dashcams, it aims to level the playing field enabling contributors to create and maintain a decentralized map that has global coverage, higher-quality data, and is updated weekly. Hivemapper estimates that the Hivemapper Network will map a location with 24x more frequency than Google StreetView. 

Once the Hivemapper Dashcam and mobile app are installed, contributors can immediately start driving and mining Honey. Contributors can earn Honey tokens by driving and mapping, editing the map, or conducting quality-assurance. 

Hivemapper’s dashcams are now available to order in two models, the Hivemapper Dashcam and the security-focused Hivemapper Dashcam S. Every Hivemapper Dashcam or Hivemapper Dashcam S that is pre-ordered or ordered before January 15, 2023 will receive an airdrop of 500 Honey tokens once activated. Over 5,500 Hivemapper Dashcams have already been pre-ordered from 66 countries.

Hivemapper has also announced a partnership with StreamingFast, Hivemapper’s first core developer, which will focus on data retrieval and fleet operations. Current cities that are home to Hivemapper fleets include London and San Diego.

“Maps are a critical aspect of today’s global economy and technology infrastructure, yet only a handful of the largest technology companies control the $300bn market,” said Hivemapper CEO and Co-founder, Ariel Seidman. “Hivemapper was created to put mapping in the hands of the community. With Hivemapper, anyone can contribute to a community-driven map that is built by all and accessible to all.”