WATCH: Holland & Barrett returns to linear TV with £4m ad

Holland & Barrett has returned to linear TV for the first time in two years, with a £4 million New Year’s focused campaign.

The new campaign, which centres around gut health, includes both 30″ and 60″ TV adverts, alongside, BVOD, CTV and YouTube content.

The health and wellness retailer has also struck a content partnership with The Guardian, it revealed.

The campaign comes as over half of people in the UK (55%) are now more actively aware of their gut health compared to last year.

As a result, as part of the campaign, customers will have access to personalised nutrition plans via a personalised online questionnaire.

Holland & Barrett Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Singleton said: “Our latest campaign aims to encourage consumers to prioritise health and happiness, and we showcase the small and simple changes”.

“That can be made to support overall wellness, from increasing immunity, improving mental health and performance and providing energy, at a time of year when many are seeking an extra little extra ‘glow’”.

He added: “At Holland & Barrett we have a wide range of health, beauty and food products coupled with trained expertise to get everyone’s year off to a glowing start”.

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