Home-grown Xiaomi is China’s Most Popular Android Smartphone

China’s Xiaomi is the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer in the country, with its MI 2S and MI 2A handsets taking the number one and number three spots in an analysis by AnTuTu.

The Samsung S4 was identified by the company as the best performing Android handset in use in China and it took the second largest share of active users. While the Samsung S4 is likely to cost buyers upwards of $600 (£387), the Xiaomi devices cost between £150 and £237. The high-end Xiaomi MI 2S offers the better quad-core 1.7 GHz processor, compared to the S4’s quad core 1.6 GHz, although both have 2GB of RAM. 

The top five is rounded off with the vivo Xplay, from another Chinese manufacturer, BBK, which launched in Beijing in May, followed by Hong Kong’s Meizu MX2.

Hong Kong’s smartphone market, meanwhile, is dominated by Samsung, with the Note 2 in at number one, the S3 at number two, the S4 at number four and the Note at number five. Sony’s Xperia Z is third in the top five. Likewise, the Note 2 is top in Taiwan, while the Xperia is top in Japan.

Industry estimates show that there were around 235m smartphone in China in H1, with iOS devices making up 31 per cent of the market and Android taking 69 per cent.