Honda and Visa Collaborate with Gilbarco and IPS Group for In-vehicle Mobile Payments

Honda In-vehicle PaymentsJapanese multinational Honda – in partnership with Visa, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and IPS Group – has unveiled a proof of concept for in-vehicle payments at CES 2017.

Through smartphone integrations, Honda has been able to demonstrate how in-vehicle payments could work in the future to pay for services such as petrol and public parking.

“Payments have evolved from physical plastic cards to a digital, mobile wallet and Honda sees this as an opportunity to bring this technology into the car to pay for services from the comfort of ones own car,” said John Moon, developer relations lead at Honda developer studio.

The partnership with fuel dispenser supplier Gilbarco Veeder-Root aims to enable drivers to pay for fuel from their vehicles. Once the car is parked next to a pump, drivers are notified that they can pay from the car. The driver then selects the amount of petrol they would like and the cost is calculated in app.

IPS Group offers smart parking solutions. Through Honda’s partnership with the group, it intends to make ‘locating and paying for parking fast and easy’. This works by first notifying the driver that smart parking is available. The driver then enters the time needed in the parking space and pays through their device. If drivers wish to add additional time later, they can do so from their mobile phone.

“Turning the car into a platform for payments offers a nearly endless array of ways for automakers, drivers, merchants and other infrastructure companies to completely transform tasks that are tied to cars in some shape or form,” said Avin Arumugam, SVP for Internet of things (IoT) at Visa Inc. “Working with Honda, we both see the huge opportunity this presents for our respective industries, and how we can collectively simplify many daily tasks from the car.”