How Many Apps Does It Take to Change The Colour of a Lightbulb?

Electronics firm Philips has launched a connected lighting system, Philips hue, that can be controlled using mobile devices.

Comprising special bulbs and a bridge which plugs into a wi-fi router, the system interacts with an iOS app which, as the name suggests, can be used to change each lightbulbs colour on the fly. It can also be used to set timers, meaning lights can be programmed to gradually come on as a sort of ambient alarm, and control lights remotely.

“In the same way that phones, media, and entertainment have been revolutionised by digital technology, now we can also personalise light, and enjoy limitless applications,” said Jeroen de Waal, head of marketing & strategy at Philips Lighting. “Philips continues to redefine the possibilities of LED technology, and hue pushes the boundaries even more, not only in offering great light quality, but in how lighting can be digitised and integrated with our world to further simplify and enhance our lives.”  

Starting tomorrow, Philips hue sets will be available in Apple stores – a starter set, including the wi-fi bridge and three bulbs, costs a cool £179.