How To Market to the “Untethered Consumer”

May sees the launch of The Third Screen, a book authored by Chuck Martin, director of the Center for Media Research at MediaPost in New York, CEO of NFI Research, author and mobile evangelist (haven’t heard that moniker in a while – Ed). 

The book, published by Nicholas Brealey Publishing, looks at how brands can reach consumers who now control their own media exposure. While the first (TV) and second (PC) screens facilitated and expanded the corporate reach, the third screen of the smartphone turns mass marketing into participatory marketing. The new “untethered consumer” has the freedom to navigate through media messages and information, making them increasingly more difficult to reach.

In the book, Martin offers a roadmap, grounded in previously-unpublished research, that the publishers say will help businesses grasp the process and necessity of providing mobile marketing and advertising.

The challenge for marketers, Martin explains, is to decide the best way to interact on the consumer’s terms, and to define the future of their brand in the mobile environment. Going beyond a mere exploration of the technological advances that are being made in the field of mCommerce, Martin delves into the behavioural changes that go hand-in-hand with them.

The book reveals how key mobile innovators, representing brands both large and small, are becoming the mobile platform providers of the future. It clarifies for marketers the role of mCommerce; mobile video; SMS messaging; location-based marketing, advertising, and media; and the new laws of inbound marketing.

The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile will be out in May, priced at $26 (£16).