VCCP Digital has revealed that is has won the 400,000 creative and media launch campaign for, the first mobile gaming offer from Play UP, a newly-formed gaming company.
6up is a pools betting game available direct to mobile phones. Participants text their bet on the outcome of each over of 20/20 or ODI (One Day International) matches, with betting open until just before the first ball of each over. The bet costs 2 an over, with winners sharing a guaranteed pot of 2,000. The pot increases depending on the number of participants. To win, participants have to correctly predict the outcome of each of the six balls in an over i.e. the runs scored, whether a wicket is taken etc.
VCCP Digital has been tasked with creating awareness of the brand, driving traffic to the site and developing regular communications with participants.
6up is a new and totally original game and with the popularity of cricket in the UK already high the demand for interactive games of this ilk is growing says VCCP Digital Managing Director Buster Dover. 6up is easy to understand and quick to play. It is also readily available as it is played on mobile phones. It has all the ingredients of a successful game and we are looking forward to launching it.”
VCCP says the marketing campaign for 6up will be multi-level with, initially, a strong digital bias. The first games will take place during the England versus West Indies 20/20 games on 28 and 29 July.