HP is getting serious about VR for professionals

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset ProfessionalHewlett-Packard, often known as simply HP, has stepped up its virtual reality game with the unveiling of a professional version of its Windows Mixed Reality Headset and a kit to give its professional customers a hand in creating VR, along with a revamped Z4 workstation for all those VR needs.

The ‘HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset – Professional Edition’ offers more-or-less the same features as the original version, with a 1440×1440 resolution for each eye, a refresh rate of up to 90Hz, two wireless motion controllers, and no tracking boundaries. The only real difference is the addition of replaceable, and cleanable, face cushions. It will cost $449 when it arrives next month.

Meanwhile, the ‘HP VR Launch Kit’ has been developed with Epic Games and is based on the Unreal Engine platform. It aims to streamline VR development by enabling users to ‘quickly determine optimal computer configurations, save days in VR preparation with Datasmith, and turnkey common interactions’.

The updated Z4 workstation comes with a choice of Intel Xeon or Core X processors and supports dual extreme graphics. It has been built to handle high frequency processing, multiple CPU cores and dual high-powered GPUs. The workstation is available now for $1,499.