HTC Sales in March Down 50 Per Cent Year-on-Year

HTC has posted revenues of NT$15.9bn (£345m) for last month, March 2013 – and while thats up 39.7 per cent from February, its actually a drop of 48.6 per cent year-on-year.

The previous months results were the worst since February 2010, and while the month-on-month growth represents something of a reversal in HTCs fortunes, it might not be enough. The company has seen its monthly results dropping below the previous years since November 2011.

HTC was heavily tied into with Facebooks Home announcement last week, with its HTC First handset coming preloaded with the app and, along with Samsung, being one of two manufacturers which will initially be able to offer the app on its devices.

If Home, and the First in particular, are a success, it could give HTCs sales a boost, but otherwise the manufacturer appears to stuck in a downward spiral.


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