HTC Takes Stake in Saffron Digital

Handset-maker HTC is making a strategic investment in London-based Saffron Digital, which specialises in digital multimedia delivery. 

Saffron Digital’s products and services are live in 26 countries and 14 languages. Its proprietary technologies include the ability to support multi-device media delivery, superfast encoding and domain-based DRM (Digital Rights Management).

In the past year, Saffron has seen its technology integrated into products and services in Europe by HTC, LG, Paramount Digital Entertainment, Sony Ericsson, T-Mobile and Nokia, among others, and in the US by Samsung. It has entered into partnerships with companies including Microsoft, and Widevine, to ensure that customers are given the best video experience across a range of devices.

“Saffron Digital has developed an incredible expertise in mobile multimedia delivery,” says HTC CEO, Peter Chou. “This ability to deliver optimised content in the future will be a key asset as content becomes more and more complex and localised. We are excited to be working with Saffron to increase our global service delivery capabilities and expertise.”

Saffron Digital will continue to provide its media and content services to its third party partners, which include device manufacturers, network operators and content providers in 26 countries. The company’s headquarters will remain in London and Los Angeles, while its management team will continue unchanged.