Huawei Gets Behind Embedded Mobile Campaign

Huawei, which provides next-generation end-to-end telecommunications solutions, has joined the GSM Associations (GSMA) Embedded Mobile initiative, which will initially focus on bringing the benefits of continuous mobile connectivity to the consumer electronics, clean energy, healthcare, transport and utilities sectors.
The GSMA notes that devices with embedded mobile connections can automatically exchange images, information and other data with mobile phones, computers or the Internet, enabling people, businesses and society as a whole to function more efficiently and effectively. The Embedded Mobile initiative is being led by KTF, Rogers Wireless, Smart, Softbank, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Telstra and Vodafone, and the GSMA says it wwill bring other operators, equipment suppliers and manufacturers of consumer and industrial goods into the Embedded Mobile initiative.
Our ultimate goal is that every machine, device, object will have broadband mobile connectivity, says GSMA CEO, Rob Conway. Everything around us will be using mobile networks to exchange information with each other and with the Internet.
The Embedded Mobile initiative aims to foster collaboration among consumer electronics and industrial product manufacturers to spur adoption, while developing common technical standards and platforms. It aims to help equipment suppliers to achieve greater economies of scale in order to bring down the prices of 3G modules that can be embedded in cars, cameras, health monitoring devices, environmental sensors, energy meters and other machines. One of the first priorities is to develop a common application programming interface (API) that consumer goods manufacturers will be able to use to make their products compatible with many different 3G mobile networks.