Huawei ships 10,000 5G base stations, works with Three to trial home broadband

Tyrone Stewart

Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2018Huawei urged industry partners to take a fresh approach to the way they develop and make the most of 5G, as the Chinese smartphone maker revealed it had shipped its first 10,000 5G base stations to customers around the world.

Speaking at the Huawei Global Mobile Broadband Forum in London, Huawei’s rotating chairman, Ken Hu, said that “5G will start a technology revolution”.

“It will bring a new power to all ICT technologies, and trigger sweeping changes in business. There will be new opportunities the likes which we’ve never seen,” he said.

In order to maximise the potential value of 5G, Hu made it clear that partners would need an updated mindset for new devices, developing new applications, and creating new experiences.

Hu went on to outline the five changes he sees 5G bringing, stating that 5G will turn connectivity into a platform; everything will go online; the world will go all cloud; devices will be redefined; and experience will flow seamlessly.

The Huawei rotating chairman claimed that “from all angles, 5G is ready”, but conceded that there are still challenges to overcome in regards to spectrum allocation and site deployment.

Meanwhile, Huawei also teamed up with Three UK to showcase 5G home broadband. Huawei’s latest home broadband routers leveraged Three’s 100MHz C-Band spectrum to provide forum attendees to experience 5G broadband services.

“The 5G trials we carried out today demonstrate the opportunity this technology brings to the home broadband market,” said Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei 5G product line. “Huawei will continue to work with Three UK to bring customers more market-leading commercial applications of 5G.”