Huljev Quits Infobip for Cardmobili International Sales Role

Cardmobili May 2014CardMobili, which provides digital wallet solutions, has announced the appointment of Rube Huljev to the newly created post of international sales director, with immediate effect. Huljev joins CardMobili from Infobip, and has extensive expertise within the mobile payments and digital wallet sectors. He will be based at CardMobili’s newly-opened UK office, located in Mayfair, representing a significant expansion of the company’s international activities.

“Rube’s appointment reflects our growing success in providing leading edge digital wallet solutions for international brands,” said Cardmobili CEO, Helena Leite. “His experience will assist us in unlocking new opportunities, building on the strong foundation we have already established in Europe and the Middle East. Our new UK division will enable us to focus on the wider market, with the additional resources and expertise in place to service the growing demand for digital wallet and mobile loyalty solutions.”

CardMobili enables a complete digital wallet ecosystem, with tiered administration and management facilities. It enables mobile network operators and financial service companies to bring content-rich digital wallets to market rapidly, and monetise their digital wallet business units. The company says its platform contains the elements needed to support a dynamic brand strategy, bringing merchants on board, with full integration, customisation and extension flexibility, enabling commercial-scale digital wallet deployments.

Among CardMobili’s recent projects is the enablement of Portugal Telecom’s new digital wallet strategy, including the launch of Meo CardMobili – Portugal Telecom’s free smartphone app that links loyalty cards and discounts.