HulloMail Launches Android App

HulloMail has released its application of the same name for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone. The free application, which is downloadable from Android Market, enables Android users to have voicemail messages sent to their email inbox as an MP3 audio file. Once in the users inbox, the message can be kept as long as the user desires, or forwarded to friends, family or work colleagues like any other email.
HulloMail works for any email account and seamlessly syncs with Gmail, MobileMe or any IMAP4 email account. The HulloMail app will also sync easily with GMail contact information, giving users the choice of replying with either a voice call, email or text message. Syncing with Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail is in the pipeline.
The company says it intends to generate revenue from HulloMail through advertising, enterprise-focused offerings and premium features. It is also planning to add new functionality in the coming months, including the ability to record a personalised greeting for different callers.