HulloMail Updates Android App

HulloMail has announced the launch of its version 2.2 Android app. The enhanced app builds on the existing voicemail with Hullo instant voice messaging technology, which the company says has already been a big hit with HulloMail’s iPhone and BlackBerry users. 

‘Hullos’ are short voice messages that enable users to reply to a voicemail or to send new instant voice messages without having to make a phone call. As a HulloMail subscriber, most Android users can now enjoy this two-way messaging capability free of charge, both locally and overseas, when they download the app.

“Our goal at HulloMail is focused on building out voicemail into two way voice messaging,” says HulloMail Founder & CEO, Andy Munarriz. “We are driven by impulses to speak. All modes of communication have their uses, but voice is still up there as one of the clearest, if not the clearest form of communication. Hullos streamline voice messaging for the smartphone generation, making voice as simple as texting or emailing.”

In addition to incorporating Hullos, the Android app also offers users the option to display missed calls, copy messages directly to registered email addresses, and to access existing messages while offline. It also offers syncing capabilities with email compliant accounts, such as Gmail.

The HulloMail Android app is currently available to both UK and US users and can be downloaded for free from the HulloMail website, or from Android Market.