Human Dialogue Open for Business

Digital media entrepreneur Jonathan MacDonald has launched his latest venture, Human Dialogue, which he describes as a “Choice Architecture Marketing Platform” that enables companies to truly engage with customers via mobile.

Using a combination of behavioural economics, technology, industry experience and research panels, MacDonald says that Human Dialogue will tune commercial communications to complement the way that people make choices, driving increased opt-in, response and engagement.

To use the platform, marketers submit objectives or pre-written campaigns. Human Dialogue then uses choice architecture algorithms and research panels to optimise campaigns and deliver back. Human Dialogues research panellists are members of a platform called Every Single One Of Us, which aims to improve communications between companies and people. Panellists are rewarded with points they can use on Facebook, turn into cash, or donate to charity. In 2011, panellists are encouraged to support The Butterfly Tree charity, providing health and education programs to the Mukuni village in Zambia.

Mobile industry analyst Tomi Ahonen predicts that message-based mobile marketing could be worth up to $3.6bn. To achieve this, Human Dialogue believes that it is critical to understand how people make choices. “Human Dialogue will be a powerful marketing tool,” says Ahonen. “Its the first native format for messaging that can achieve far more compelling and relevant communication.”

Rory Sutherland, president of the IPA and vice chairman of Ogilvy Group UK is also enthusiastic about the idea behind Human Dialogue. He says: “Its tempting with mobile marketing to replicate the traditional broadcast measures of reach and frequency – however that seems to miss the comparative advantage mobile enjoys in offering contextual communication in combination with immediate interaction. Real-time nudges and Choice Architecture can have extraordinary effects – as Im sure well see with Human Dialogue.”