Hybris Launches Multichannel Accelerator


Multichannel commerce software company Hybris has launched a software product that incorporates mobile into its offering. 

The Hybris Multichannel Accelerator is a Product Content Management (PCM) solution that allows businesses to implement multichannel commerce solutions easily, says the company. 

The Hybris Accelerator is a software foundation that allows businesses to implement commerce features such as a range of promotions, search and navigation capabilities, product information including reviews, and supports mobile, print, and point of sale channels. 

“Multichannel Commerce today is a given,” says Ariel Lüdi, CEO of Hybris. “Consumers expect to seamlessly purchase products and services across multiple channels. However, developing a feature-rich, consistent customer experience across all channels is a challenge for many organisations.”

Lüdi says that the HyBris Accelerator provides the basis for a multichannel sales strategy to be implemented without having to create the processes in-house. “Complexity increases as companies move from a single channel – such as print catalogues or online stores – to multiple channels including online, print, call centres, mobile devices, POS and more,” he says. “Hybris has always been a solution that can be implemented and customised much quicker and easier than other solutions in the market. But now, with the Accelerator, we enable organisations to accelerate the implementation even more, and yet without any limiting investment.”