Hypertag Speeds Up

Proximity marketing technology provider Hypertag has introduced two technology innovations that it says promise to significantly enhance the performance of Bluetooth proximity marketing in high traffic environments. 
The innovations enable proximity marketing campaigns to connect to more devices simultaneously while maintaining maximum download speeds, which Hypertag says was previously an issue for Bluetooth devices in high footfall environments. 
The enhancements work on the way that Bluetooth connects with remote devices.  The first, Co-operative Channel Alignment (CCA), works to ensure that devices dont conflict on the same Bluetooth channel. The second, Split Bluetooth MAC Address (SBMA), enables multiple Bluetooth devices to work together effectively for the first time.
By allowing devices to collaborate, says Hypertag, consumers can experience enhanced connection and download speeds compared to a standard Bluetooth proximity marketing implementation, providing increased positive interactions for advertisers.
“While great creative and innovative campaign mechanics are essential to an effective proximity marketing implementation, the technology that backs these up is just as important says Hypertag co-founder, Rachel Harker. You can encourage a consumer to interact with a poster, an installation or a field marketer, but if the experience they then receive is slow or unreliable, youve done more damage than good.”