Hyundai India integrates WhatsApp Business to streamline customer service

Car maker Hyundai India has integrated WhatsApp as part of its customer service strategy. Hyundai will use WhatsApp to make it easier for customers to book a service appointment; provide service updates; send rich media content; send repair invoices; and to capture customer feedback. The service is running on IMImobile’s multichannel Enterprise CPaaS (Communications Platform-as-a-Service) platform, IMIconnect.

The WhatsApp Business solution enables businesses to connect with 2bn users in a simple, reliable, and private way across 180 countries worldwide. To build consumer trust and allow Hyundai customers to verify that they are interacting with an official account, Hyundai uses a verified business profile on WhatsApp. As an asynchronous channel, WhatsApp Business is convenient for consumers and allows customer service agents to handle more conversations at the same time.

“WhatsApp Business offers a new and more convenient way for consumers to communicate with brands,” said Sudarshan Dharmapuri, EVP products at IMImobile. “Hyundai recognizes the importance of embracing newer, effective digital communication channels to improve customer experience and create differentiation from their competitors. Conversational customer engagement, service and support present a huge opportunity for businesses, more so now than at any other time.”