Hyundai Motor America launches in-vehicle payments with Hyundai Pay

Hyundai Pay will debut in the Hyundai Kona this autumn

Car maker, Hyundai Motor America, is bringing in-vehicle payments to customers with the introduction of Hyundai Pay. The Hyundai Pay system allows customers to find and pay for things with their vehicles touchscreen using securely-stored credit card information. Payments are kept secure using tokenization, where card account details are replaced with a unique digital identifier, or token, that keeps data from being compromised.

Hyundai has partnered with Parkopedia to launch Hyundai Pays first service, a new parking payment system. This system enables US drivers to locate, reserve and pay for parking at 6,000 locations from inside their vehicle, after initial set-up.

Drivers can also access the Hyundai Pay system through Hyundais Bluelink connected car services app. This provides a seamless connected service whether drivers are at home or on-the-go, with the app enabling drivers to view, book and retrieve past parking sessions for future journeys.

Hyundai Pay launches with the all-new 2024 Hyundai Kona available in dealerships this autumn. An additional nine Hyundai models will get Hyundai Pay via model year changes or over-the-air updates and include Parkopedia parking payment services. In the future, the Hyundai Pay platform will also have additional features and electric vehicle related use cases.   

“Hyundai Pay is the latest example of our continuous advancements in smart mobility and software-defined vehicles,” said Olabisi Boyle, Vice President, Product Planning and Mobility Strategy at Hyundai Motor North America. “With Hyundai Pays scalable eCommerce platform, we can elevate customer convenience and extend their digital reach by making every day needs – like finding and paying for parking – easier, swifter and safer via our connected-car, integrated-cockpit and secure-transaction technology.”