i-Bell Plans Kickstarter for Wi-fi Doorbell

i bellTech startup i-Bell is launching a crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter later this month to enable the manufacture and distribution of its wi-fi enabled, interactive doorbell.

The i-Bell will act as an interactive peephole, enabling users to see and communicate with whoever is standing on their doorstep via their smartphone, tablet or desktop, whether they are at home or away. The device will include functionality for screening visitors, so users do not have to answer cold-calling salespeople when away from home. It will also enable the owners to have a conversation with whoever is on their doorstep, from wherever they are, via the doorbell.

“Theres nothing quite like i-Bell on the market right now,” said Graham Kershberg, co-founder of i-Bell. “Its going to revolutionise daily life for a lot of individuals and businesses. Arranging deliveries around working hours or getting an unexpected visit from a relative who gets no answer at the door can really disrupt an individuals plans. But now its possible to communicate directly with the person ringing the doorbell.”

If it reaches its targeting goal via Kickstarter, i-Bell will be manufactured in the UK, and will be fully compatible with Apples recently revealed HomeKit app, that gathers various connected home apps under one umbrella interface.