I Do Like (Mobile) Mondays

David Murphy

Mondays. Dont you hate em? Yes, of course we all love our work, but even so, after a long weekend watching Wallace & Gromit with the kids, you have to admit, Monday morning can be a bit of a shock.

With this in Mind, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) launched Mobile Mondays earlier this year. On the first Monday of each month, anyone with an interest in mobile marketing, MMA member or not, is invited to meet up in All Bar One on Dean St (London), swap business cards, network, and generally put the mobile marketing world to rights.

Now we here at Mobile Marketing Magazine have always thought that networking was something that IT people did, but with a website to publicise, we went along anyway last night and were pleasantly surprised at what an enjoyable evening we had. Not only did we get four or five good story leads, we also got the chance to meet some of the movers and shakers in the industry and, to cap it all, the bar was free for the first hour.

"The numbers vary, but we generally get 30 or 40 people turning up over the course of the evening" says MMA Chairman Nick Wiggin. "This is still a relatively young industry and I think its important that everyone involved in it talks to each other. Were trying to help that process."

If this sounds like your idea of fun, the next one will be held on Monday 5 December, starting at 6pm.