IAB Establishes Mobile Ad Tech SWAT Team

Twenty leading media companies have been chosen to form the first mobile advertising working group established by the UK’s IAB.

Among the first to join the team are Google, Channel 4, Bauer Media and the Telegraph, who are tasked with tackling the big technical challenges facing the mobile marketing industry.

Microsoft, Yahoo, Adfonic and ITV have also signed up ahead of the launch, with a further five yet to be announced. 

The news was revealed this morning by Jon Mew, the IAB’s director of mobile and operations, at IAB Mobile Engage in London.

Wes Biggs, Adfonics CTO, said: “The IAB is an important forum to ensure that the rapid innovation happening in mobile advertising is not hampered by a lack of technical standards or uncertainty around adoption of key approaches or technical architectures. Adfonic is excited to bring our deep experience and knowledge of the mobile ad tech space to this ongoing discussion.”