IAB Europe releases brand safety and suitability guide

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s European branch, IAB Europe, has released a guide to brand safety and brand suitability, providing a current definition for both.

The aim of the ‘Guide to Brand Safety & Suitability Definitions & Best Practices across Europe’ is to educate stakeholders by sharing background context on brand safety in Europe, pan-European definitions for both brand safety and brand suitability, best practices, and case studies. It also delves into how brand suitability can be used to ‘complement and enhance’ brand safety tools.

“As we all know, these are confusing times for advertisers and the digital advertising industry across the globe,” said Andreas Dooley, who contributed to the guide and is Head of Agency Sales EMEA at Oracle Data Cloud. “Luckily, the IAB’s Brand Safety & Suitability Guide offers an expert signpost for marketers to educate themselves on the history, best practices, and success stories for modern brand safety and brand suitability. Most importantly, this guide underlines our belief that now, more than ever, we need to move beyond brand safety to a more dynamic, customised, brand suitability approach that will deliver the business results for buy side and sell-side marketers alike.”

The guide was put together by members of IAB Europe’s Quality & Transparency Taskforce, which formed in January 2020. The group was setup to address quality and transparency concerns in the digital advertising and marketing ecosystem. Members of the group that contributed to the guide represent organisations including DoubleVerify, GroupM, BVDW/IAB Germany, IAB France, IAB Italy, IAB Poland, Oracle Data Cloud, Integral Ad Science, and PubMatic.

“The new Brand Safety & Brand Suitability Guide brings advice, education and actionable insights to the industry, to help the whole ecosystem drive better business outcomes,” said Nick Morley, contributor and MD EMEA at Integral Ad Science. “This guide should be read by all within digital advertising, both for the benefit of their own business, but also the industry as a whole.”