IAB Tackles Digital Advertisings Critics with Believes Initiative

IABIf you followed our Big Issues series that we ran throughout July, youll know that brand safety, viewability, fraud and ad blocking are some of the most significant challenges facing marketers today.

The IAB apparently agrees, and has announced an initiative called IAB Believes that will clarify the organisations position on these topics plus privacy, answering some of the criticisms that digital advertising is facing at the moment.

The IAB will release a statement every day next week, setting out a concise industry position on each issue, a direction for each challenge, and demonstrating how the problems are already being tackled.

“Im confident that in 12 months time issues such as viewability, ad fraud and brand safety will be simple, straightforward hygiene factors for display advertising – as long as all those in the industry follow guidelines set by groups such as the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) and the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG),” said Guy Phillipson, CEO of IAB UK.