iAd Prepares Developers for Impending Shutdown

Tim Maytom

iad pepsiApple has issued a reminder to developers of the impending shutdown of its iAd App Network and related ad services, which will bring to an end any existing monetisation revenues and app promotions they have implemented in their iOS apps.

The shutdown, which is scheduled for 30 June, has been on the cards since earlier this year, when iAd announced that it was closing its ad sales business, with staff offered buyouts and the platform transitioned to an automated platform where publishers created and sold their own ads.

The announcement in January caused some confusion among developers and publishers, but Apple later clarified that developers who relied on the service would have to move to third-party ad publishing networks and direct ad sales following the shutdown.

The reminder thanks developers for "allowing Apple to serve ads on your mobile properties", and informs them that campaign reporting data from any iAd campaigns will be available until the end of the year.

The Apple support webpage related to the shutdown also warns developers that they should remove iAd-related APIs from apps. While keeping these deprecated assets in apps shouldn't cause crashes, it will likely cause error messages to appear for users.