IBM Begins Using Watson AI to Buy Programmatically in the UK

IBM Watson LogoIBM has started using its Watson AI programme to plan and buy online media in the UK, as revealed by Lisa Gilbert, IBM’s CMO in the UK and Ireland.

The Drum reports that Gilbert made the announcement that the company had begun using Watson to plan and buy its media earlier this week (23 January) at an Oystercatchers event on the 25 January.

Watson sits within IBM’s The Trade Desk – which offers DSP technology to manage advertising campaigns – and, through machine learning, it uses data analytics to identify how effectively a campaign is performing with consumers based on time, device being used, language spoken, and browser being used.

In the US, the company has been using the cognitive computer to make programmatic ad buys for its online ad campaigns for more than 18 months – seeing massive gains in the performance of its campaigns, according to the company. It claims to have reduced its cost per click by as much as 71 per cent, but the average is around 31 per cent.