IBM Watson works with Webgains to use AI for more intelligent advertising

Performance marketing company Webgains has partnered with IBM Watson to develop a suite of products and APIs that use AI, and machine learning, to help online retailers advertise ‘more intelligently’.

The first phase will see the development of a virtual assistant, in conjunction with IBM Enterprise Services, ‘to support staff and clients with front line customer service tasks’. Webgains says this virtual assistant will utilise Watson APIs including Conversation, AlchemyLanguage, Retrieve and Rank, and Tone Analyser. It hopes the virtual assistant will improve response time and efficiency by helping with basic tasks and questions, while uploading promotional assets and assisting with invoices. It will be trained in English, German, French and Spanish.

Webgains says its second phase will see it focus on intelligent ad placement – processing its data to offer brands and retailers insights ‘to more informed decisions for their digital marketing strategies’.

Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains, said: “The introduction of AI into Webgains suite of technology enables clients, publishers and staff to have more flexibility. Our account managers will have the tools to enhance efficiency and to make more intelligent decisions.”