Iconosys Launches Deal Buzzer

Iconosys has launched Deal Buzzer, a tool for small businesses owners, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed to promote special deals on an up-to-the-minute basis to their networks of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and other social networking contacts.

In November 2010, Iconosys released its BlackFlyday app for shopping teams and individuals, enabling them to share, search, and compare deal shopping information. Deal Buzzer builds on Black Flyday’s Facebook integration, adding additional features that make the app more suitable for a wide range of small businesses and small business owners.

“Its truly exciting to see so many retailers using the ‘Deal of the Day’ concept,” says Iconosys CEO and co-founder, Wayne Irving II. “Building on the success and positive reception we had with BlackFlyday, we thought it made sense to create a new app that allows the ‘Deal of the Day’ promoter or advocate to rapidly and seamlessly run their campaigns through the very powerful social networking infrastructure on today’s world wide web.”

Deal Buzzer posts your retail deal to your business or personal Facebook wall, and with a touch of a single button, on to your smartphone, tablet or other device. It can include a photograph of the deal, which can be a stock image, such as a digital coupon or promotional graphic, or a picture of the item that is on special offer.

Facebook friends are integrated into the app, so that users, if they wish, can share the deals they are “buzzing” about in real-time and with a potentially global reach. Iconosys proprietary Where am I? reverse lookup technology is also built in to the app so that you know where you are when posting your deals, and so that you can pinpoint your current physical location address to make it easier for consumers to find you andtake advantage of the offer.

Deal Buzzer is available as a free download for Android smartphones and tablets in English, on Android Market, GetJar, and soon, the Amazon App Store.  Spanish and Portuguese versions are coming soon for Motorolas Motodev and Shop4Apps markets in Mexico.