Iconosys Unveils My Roadside Attendant

Iconosys has released its My Roadside Attendant app for Android. The app helps users to track and organize processes for calling for help, in situations where the need assistance from family or friends, the emergency services, their insurance company, or roadside assistance provider.

The app has a ‘Where am I?’ feature that tells you precisely where you are at the time of the accident/incident or other situation resulting in urgent need for help. Users simply press the ‘My Location’ button for their physical address and GPS coordinates. There’s also a ‘Send My Location’ button to share this information.

The ‘My Roadside Card’ button stores and labels digital images of the user’s roadside assistance program card(s), plus insurance and vehicle registration documents. In the event the user is involved in an accident, the Accident Reporter allows them to record contact information for the other parties; images of the accident; damages done to vehicles or to property; the accident location, and the other parties’ insurance cards and drivers’ licenses and other details pertinent to the accident.

“With My Roadside Attendant, I can eliminate the wasted time and delays associated with unnecessary small-talk and cumbersome information exchanges with the other drivers involved in an accident,” says Iconosys CEO, Wayne Irving. “Using this app, I can photograph the location of the accident, the damages done to the vehicles, as well as the other parties’ drivers’ licenses, insurance cards and other contact information.”

My Roadside Attendant is available in English, on the Android Market and via the Iconosys website for $1.99. It will be available soon for Motorola MOTODEV markets in the US and Latin America.