IKEA Releases Catalogue App for Omnichannel Experience

ikea screenIKEA has released an updated version of its catalog app that enables users to save their favourite items from multiple catalogues as a shopping list to be used on its website or in-store, promoting an omnichannel approach to retail.

The Swedish company has revealed the app as it publishes its new 2015 catalog, focused on bathroom and bedroom furnishings. The app enables users to check in-store levels of items before they visit physical stores, or add entire shopping lists to their online checkout cart.

The catalogue app also expands on what printed copies can offer. By scanning designated pages of the catalogue, users can gain access to extended content including an augmented reality “Place In Your Room” feature that lets users virtually place and view almost 300 products within their own home.

The online catalogue, when accessed either through IKEAs website or through the app, includes prompts to discover more that link users to promotional videos and product beauty shots, as well as IKEAs Life at Home report, which looks into how people around the world start and finish their days.