Ill Name That Phone in One

Bluetooth platform company Bluegiga has introduced Bluetooth device-recognition technology into its Access Server product platform, enabling local marketing applications to identify the model of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, and to push tailored content out to them.
This has been the biggest challenge in local marketing applications, says Bluegiga, since there is a huge variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices on the market, with different features such as screen size and operating system, making it difficult for brands to tailor the content they send to each device, for the best user experience.
Bluegigas Access Server enables up to 21 simultaneous Bluetooth devices to access Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPRS and GSM data networks, significantly reducing the cost-per-connection when building wireless networks.
Bluegigas Bluetooth device recognition is based on the standard Bluetooth Device Identification information, but also uses a Bluegiga proprietary BluID checksum. This offers two ways to identify a Bluetooth-enabled device, making the device recognition very reliable. Bluegiga says the device recognition feature will be integrated into its OBEXsender application, and will also be easily customisable by customers. The OBEXSender software with Bluetooth device recognition is now available via special request, with general availability during Q1, 2007.
Im very exited about the Bluetooth device recognition, since it offers Bluegigas local marketing customers a totally new level of performance, as they can offer device-dependent content to their customers, improving the user experience and service quality says Bluegiga VP of Sales and Marketing, Tom Nordman. This also once again shows that Bluegiga is able to offer its customers industry-leading solutions.