ilovemobileweb. Do you?

Bango has launched an ilovemobileweb campaign to increase awareness of the mobile web with consumers around the world. Bango says the campaign is designed to highlight the value and enjoyment of easy access to the Internet from a mobile phone. Additionally, it is a call to action for those companies who are destined to play a key role in making the mobile web easy to use through their products and services. dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi domain for mobile phones, is the first organization to announce itsv support for the campaign.
We are starting a parade,” says Bango CEO, Ray Anderson. We want more people to love the mobile web because its fun, its sociable and it provides the ultimate in convenience and choice for consumers worldwide.”
The campaign was launched at the CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2007 show in San Francisco yesterday, and urges companies to actively promote the mobile web to their consumers. The campaigns charter supports the goals of providing open access to the mobile web for every phone user; a choice of content and services for consumers; easy pathways for fixed Internet content to become mobilized; and greater standardization of phones and mobile developer platforms
dotMobi is proud to be a charter member of the ilovemobileweb campaign,” says David Ryder, VP of Sales and Marketing at dotMobi. dotMobis mission is to accelerate the adoption of the mobile web, and this campaign is a strong way to make the on-the-go public aware of the benefits of the mobile web.”
To join the parade, companies can go to the ilovemobileweb website to read the charter and sign up. The company may add a logo to the site and link to its own web pages that show how the company supports the mobile web. The company is also asked to publicise “ilovemobileweb” at tradeshows. T-shirts and mugs are available for purchase.