Imagine Signs Up Neomedia and Hypertag

Global technology sales representation company Imagine Worldwide has announced two global sales partnerships, with NeoMedia Technologies and Hypertag.

NeoMedia specialises in mobile barcode scanning solutions. The partnership enables Imagine to utilise NeoMedia’s NeoSphere barcode creation system to effectively manage mobile barcode campaigns globally.

“We are pleased to add NeoMedia to our suite of mobile advertising solutions to help brands put mobile at the heart of their digital strategy,” says Imagine Worldwide managing director, Pratick Thakrar. “In addition, we can now use the mobile channel to offer an additional level of accountability to advertising campaigns.”
The second sales partnership with Hypertag, which specialises in Proximity Marketing. Imagine’s partnership with Hypertag offers advertisers a means of pushing (and pulling) content directly to their target audiences in key high traffic locations such as airports, cinemas, shopping centres, trade shows and events such as music festivals. 

Imagine represents a wide array of mobile technology providers and looks to bridge the technology gap by acting as a one-stop sales shop for advertisers and their agencies. Imagine was established in February 2010, and has offices in London and Sydney, with a US office due to open soon. Imagine’s partners cover the fields of 2D barcodes, online moderation and facilitation, application development, SMS messaging/couponing, production-content creation, and Augmented Reality.