IMIMobile Launches Make My Tune

IMImobile has launched its ‘Make My Tunes’ service on its ringback tone (RBT) platform. Make My Tunes enables users to listen to a full song and choose any part of it as their RBT. Users can also download the selected part of the song as a ringtone, or dedicate the song to friends.

The service has been launched by Aircel in India under the name of ‘Dialer Tune – Song Edit’. Aircel customers in Chennai & Tamilnadu circle can dial 5300053 and select their favourite section of the song as their RBT. The same service can also be offered to any operator as a stand-alone service, connected to the operator’s existing RBT platform over standard integrations.

“We at IMImobile constantly strive to create innovative, best in class services, which enable service providers to enhance customer loyalty and create additional revenue streams,” says IMImobile founder and chairman, Vishwanath Alluri. “Make My tune is a shining example of IMImobile’s R&D and innovation pedigree, made to work for the benefit of telcos, subscribers and content owners.”

IMImobile is currently managing RBT operations for multiple operators spread across the world, covering deployments for GSM, CDMA and fixed-line networks.