IMImobiles Broadcasting Platform Deployed Across Orion Media Radio Stations

DaVinci360 2.02IMImobiles TV and radio broadcasting platform DaVinci Social is to be deployed across the group of radio stations owned by Orion Media.

Orion Media operates five FM radio stations and three AM services in the East and West Midlands, including Free Radio and Gem 106. Together they are the most listened to commercial radio brands in the Midlands, broadcasting to 1.2m listeners a week.

The DaVinci Social platform will allow Orion to manage all its audience engagement from a single platform, channeling multiple mobile and social media sources into a coherent and unrestricted view of how listeners are interacting with the stations, and leading to better engagement insight and audience management.

In addition, Orion Media will use DaVinci Socials Campaign Management Console to deploy and manage all its SMS voting and competition campaigns from now onwards.

“We chose IMImobile due to their strong heritage and deep understanding of the radio broadcasting sector,” said Phil Riley, chief executive at Orion Media. “The DaVinci Social platform allows us to interact with our audience without the need of multiple tools, streamlining the process of sorting, integrating and responding to our listeners to create a more interactive radio experience.”