iModus – Its not just for Emergencies

Emergency communications company Vocal has announced the roll-oout of its iModus messaging and communications platform, which has until recently been restricted to use by the emergency services.
Vocal describes iModus as a one-stop-shop solution for broadcast communications. Its known by the emergency services as the technology behind Warn&Inform, which is used by many police forces and local authorities across the country to broadcast emergency alerts to subscribing companies in times of major business-affecting incident or terrorist threat.
While emergency messaging is a vital component of the system, it is so much more than that, says Vocal Sales Director, Daren Rapley. It provides a complete integrated messaging suite to cover any area of business, while its robustness and flexibility means theres no need to worry about system or IT failure, as our infrastructuremeans iModus continues to work when other systems may be failing.
Global specialist insurer Beazley has worked with Vocal for more than three years and subscribes to iModus, not only for emergency communication but for internal security and building management services. Simon Robinson, Head of Business Continuity Planning for Beazley says:
We use iModus to monitor our communications room and office environment. This sends an email or SMS message if a fire or temperature alarm is activated, enabling us to react out of office hours without the need for 24-hour physical monitoring, such as security guards.
Available as an off-the-shelf or bespoke package, iModus can be tailored by department or function and delivers information in real time on a global scale.