Impact adds Enhanced Discovery capability to its Partnership Cloud

Partnership Automation firm Impact has added an Enhanced Discovery capability to its Partnership Cloud, enabling organisations to search a wide net of influencers across different social networks; mobile app partners; content creators; premium publishers; and many more partners, including B2B, card-linked offers, cashback, reviews, search, social good, student, and sub-affiliate networks.

The solution enables users to browse and query by key parameters such as channel, geography, and audience demographics to ultimately choose best-fit partners that align with business and campaign goals.

Users can browse curated lists of suggested partners like “Our Favorite Halloween Influencers” or search by enhanced data points like Engagement Rate and whether or not a partner is Instagram Verified. Partner profiles expand to show enhanced partner data, sample posts from each of their media properties, and extensive Audience Stats reports for Instagram influencers.

There are more than 500,000 influencers on Instagram alone, and the wide partner universe encompasses millions more. Pinpointing which of those varied partners are best suited for an organisations campaign takes broad access, acute search functionalities, and close vetting. Impact’s new solution integrates key influencer capabilities from Mediarails into its Partnership Cloud platform, expanding the variety and quantity of partners that can be found and recruited.

“As the partnership ecosystem continues to grow, it has never been more important to have a sophisticated discovery tool,” said Impact Partnership Cloud GM, Mike Head. “Audience and engagement fraud pose real threats to the space. Our goal is to provide 360 degree insights into a partner’s engagement quality, reach, and content at the point of discovery, so each of your partnerships begins with transparent alignment.”