The Future of Mobile

In-app data 13 times more effective than web cookies

Mobile Marketing - Sponsored by: TabMo

Content published via apps rather than the mobile or desktop web can be targeted much more accurately, largely thanks to the fact that in-app data for the previous 13 months can be accessed by marketers, in contrast to the 30 day time limit of web cookie data.

This difference, combined with the fact that mobile devices are now the primary device for many people, and much more likely to be accessed by a single user, makes compelling mobile content a powerful tool for marketers looking to reach consumers with the right message at the right time.

That's the advice shared by TabMo in its latest research report, which examines how mobile-specific brand advertising has become an essential part of campaigns, and how brands can build a bespoke programmatic strategy.

The whitepaper also dispels some of the common 'mobile myths', such as the limited power of smaller screens and the intrusive nature of mobile advertising, as well as providing marketers with guidance on the difference between device ID and cookie data.

Independent media agency The 7 Stars and supermarket brand Iceland also contributed to the report, which details the four pillars of mobile advertising that brands need to consider when putting together an effective campaign.

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