In Search of Insight

Smartphones and powerful handheld devices allow subscribers to increasingly access a wide choice of internet content, services and applications on the move. However, while choice is great for customers, mobile operators face massive challenges when handling vast amounts of data generated by users, which in turn has a huge impact on networks and the overall subscriber experience.

While demand and traffic management are essential, the focus needs to move beyond coping with the data overload, to benefiting from the increasing traffic volumes. If operators want to optimise the customer experience, they need sophisticated, policy-based decision-making, supported by data-driven subscriber insights. The more traffic on a mobile network, the more subscriber data is available to the network operator. To date, carriers are making minimal usage of this rich customer information, and the industry hasn’t yet risen to the challenge of profiting from this resource.

Data tsunami
To exploit this “data tsunami” as we call it, mobile operators need a clear and immediate view of what subscribers are doing on their networks. Everyday, Petabytes of data are produced, providing essential information on customer preferences and emerging trends. Processing and analysing these subscriber interactions quickly and accurately allows operators to better understand their subscribers.

Using mobile analytics, operators can empower the marketing function within operators to adopt best practices from the e-commerce world, to deliver value to subscribers. Through real-time, 360-degree subscriber views and insights from multiple data sources, marketers can build innovative price plans, monitor trends, and optimise the customer experience.

Mobile analytics can also offer ecosystem partners such as advertisers and developers anonymised subscriber data, so they can deliver contextual offerings which enhance the overall customer experience. This new level of sophistication allows operators to improve customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately, drive up revenues.


Mayur Pitamber is product marketing strategist at Openwave