In-stadium Football Tweets Exceed Second Screeners’ By 10 Times

In-stadium tweets account for 35 per cent of all Twitter activity around top European football matches, according to HTC.

Looking at the opening four games of the Champions League, which HTC sponsors, the company found that Chelsea fans tweet the most, generating more than 124,000 messages during the game, with 39 per cent of those coming from inside the stadium. AC Milan fans meanwhile tweeted just over 20,000 times in total, with a quarter of those coming from people at the ground.

Fans watching at the grounds are responsible for nearly ten times as many Tweets as those watching TV, taking the opportunity to be amateur pundits, talking goals or managers, or taking #selfies of themselves at the match. Messi, and Lampard were the most tweeted about players.

Club hashtags are also being used for ‘social chanting’, bringing those in the stadium and those at home together, HTC said.