In The Moment Takes a Closer Look at Mobile Market Research

in the moment coverInternational researcher Edward Appleton has released a new book, In The Moment: Perspectives on Mobile Market Research, examining how market researchers have yet to embrace mobile as a tool, and the potential that it has to transform the industry.

According to a recent study, while approximately 85 per cent of the worlds population has access to a mobile phone, only 27 per cent of market researchers say they are using mobile in quantitative surveys, and only 19 per cent in qualitative.

In his book, Appleton talks to experts across the globe and examines key research areas such as touchpoint analyses, event research, consumer decision journeys and brand tracking, pinpointing where and how mobile is making a difference. The book contains a wealth of statistics, case studies and best practice for creating a mobile service experience.

“Mobile will transform research in the same way it has other industries,” said Appleton. “It gets to places, documents reactions in a way that traditional research hasnt.”

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