Incentivated Powers BA Flight Info Service

Mobile agency Incentivated is launching an SMS flight information service for British Airways, to give passengers, and those dropping them off and picking up from airports, the latest flight information on their mobile phones.
British and American passengers can use the service whilst roaming in other countries and access information on all BA flights. BA says it plans to extend the service to other nationalities. The mobile offering will complement BAs flight information call centre service, which handles 1.5 million incoming calls each year.
The service, available for UK- and US-registered mobile phones, enables users to get up-to-the-minute flight information for yesterday, today and the next five days. Users text D for Departures or A for Arrivals followed by a space, the departure date of the flight (in the form DDMMYY or MMDDYY for the US) and the British Airways flight number (eg BAXXXX) to 60747 in the UK, 70615 in the US.
A spokesperson for British Airways says:
BA has used outbound text messaging as a reliable, cost effective channel to send immediate flight disruption alerts and check-in reminders to our passengers and communicate with staff for five years. Its a logical extension for us to launch this inbound FAQ text service for all flights.