Incentivated runs Morning-after Campaign

Pharmaceutical company Schering Health Care is harnessing the privacy of the mobile phone to launch an innovative new marketing campaign for Levonelle, the emergency contraceptive pill. The mobile service, which is aimed at women in search of their nearest Levonelle stockist, will be publicised with an SMS call to action in Metro and London Lite press ads.
Once the SMS has been sent, the mobile find my nearest service will match the location of the respondent with a database of chemists stocking the product, and return addresses of the three closest chemists.
The campaign, which runs for three months, was planned and bought by Universal McCann. Mobile agency Incentivated  devised and will manage the mobile campaign.
This campaign illustrates how forward looking brands can exploit the unique strengths of mobile in serving up time and location sensitive information whilst respecting peoples intimate relationships with their handsets. says Incentivated Commercial Director, Robert Thurner.