Incrmntal secures $4.1m

David Murphy

Incrementality measurement platform, Incrmntal, which enables advertisers to measure the value of marketing activities without the use of user-level data, has secured $4.1m in a seed funding round led by Play Ventures VC and also involving Heracles Capital. The funds will be used to double the size of the company’s engineering team and establish sales and marketing departments.

Launched less than a year ago, Incrmntal’s platform has experienced radical growth over the last 10 months, growing from zero to over $1bn ad spend measured. It is already being used by major brands including Hopper, Outer.com, and Gamehouse to measure the value of their campaigns across mobile app, web, OOH, and linear and connected TV. 

Momentum of Incrmntal’s product has been accelerated by the privacy-first movement and Apple’s deprecation of IDFA, as it doesn’t require any user-level data. The company claims it is the only solution on the market that allows customers to measure campaigns utilizing causal data science while they are running, with no need to pause activity to compare results or perform any user-level experiments. It is adaptable to campaigns of any size and 70 per cent of the company’s customers use the platform across multiple channels. 

“Incrmntal has been growing at an extraordinary speed and this funding will help us further accelerate our operations,” said CEO and Co-founder, Maor Sadra. “Key to our success is that we truly listen to our customers and have built a product that meets their current needs. We see Incrmntal’s creating enormous value in a world where the paradigm of marketing measurement needs to rapidly evolve from user-level tracking to value measurement.”