India Heads BuzzCitys Mobile Ad Rankings

Mobile media company BuzzCity has released the results of its Global Mobile Advertising Index for Q4 2010, along with annual trending figures. The Q4 data, gathered between October and December 2010, reveals a 12 per cent quarter-on-quarter increase in mobile advertising.

Overall, 2010 proved to be a positive year for BuzzCity with 93 per cent more ads delivered than in 2009. The number of advertiser campaigns also increased, with 2,500 advertisers running campaigns on BuzzCity’s network.

The company says that an increasing number of campaigns came from the travel and hospitality sectors, and consumer and financial products. The banking industry, in particular, focused its mobile advertising on branding and acquisition campaigns targeted at a younger consumer group. 

BuzzCity has also revealed year-on-year growth rates and average CPC (cost-per-click) numbers for December 2010. In terms of growth, Vietnam leads the way, with 4,971 per cent growth, albeit from a low starting point. Kenya (739 per cent) is in second place, with Argentina third on 657 per cent, Thailand in fourth on 482 per cent, and India fifth on 233 per cent. The US grew by 64 per cent, the UK by 24 per cent.

But it’s the average CPCs that are the most interesting, as these figures rarely emerge. In S. Africa, a fairly mature mobile market, the average CPC is $0.19, a figure topped only by Malaysia on $0.20. Thailand also performs well on $0.17. But while the UK fares reasonably well on $0.14, the figure in the US is just $0.02. In India, it’s $0.01.

During the final quarter of 2010 India, Indonesia, the US, S. Africa and Kenya continued their dominance as the top five mobile advertising countries. India continued on its growth curve – in Q4 more than 4bn ads were delivered to Indian audiences – and for the first time outpaced Indonesia to secure the number one spot. Indonesia slipped to second, with the number of ads delivered down 19 per cent to 2.99bn. The US was third with 1.14bn, S. Africa fourth with 884m, and Kenya fifth with 522m.

“2010 has proved to be a really dynamic year for mobile advertising,” says BuzzCity CEO, Dr. KF Lai. “Markets which have really stood out during this period are the US and S. Africa who both saw four consecutive quarters of double-digit growth. 2011 has started well, and we believe that driving factors for the growth of mobile advertising will be continuing price wars amongst mobile operators in many countries and the increasing use of cheaper and better phones. Furthermore, the improving economic conditions in the US and Western Europe will continue to push forward the uptake of mobile advertising.”

The BuzzCity Global Mobile Advertising Index tracks activity across BuzzCity’s network, which includes over 2,500 publishers across the globe.The findings represent a measure of advertiser demand for mobile internet advertising.
You can see the full report on the BuzzCity website.