Indian Brief for Comverse

Indonesian wireless operator Excelcomindo, which has more than 19 million subscribers, has selected Comverse for a major SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) expansion. The move will help the operator handle its rapidly-growing personal and application-related text messaging needs, and quickly implement new SMS services. Comverses SMSCs are deployed by hundreds of operators around the world. Their multi-layered environment supports IP-based networks and is ready for IMS. 
Excelcomindo Network Director Dian Siswarini says that after voice, SMS is the companys highest revenue-generating service, accounting for nearly 30% of total revenue. He notes also that the operator is currently experiencing a dramatic, rapid expansion of its user base, and is also working to increase its market share.
It is mission-critical for us that our SMSC provides superior performance, says Siswarini. Comverse SMSC meets our demanding requirements in terms of its capacity and ability to handle extreme usage during peak hours, and in terms of ability to support our roadmap vision to improve the messaging experience by adding exciting SMS services. Comverse also met our requirement for fast time to market to enable us to handle heavy holiday messaging traffic.