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India’s Cinemax Deploys NFC Marketing Campaign

Kirsty Styles

The Cinemax cinema in Mumbai has partnered with Indian NFC firm jusTap! to roll-out smart posters and interactive displays as part of their ‘Box Office Now in your Pocket’ campaign.

200 patrons in six weeks have used NFC handsets to engage with the film marketing materials – with a total of two hours spent interacting. 35 per cent of its customers have downloaded the Cinemax app and 19 per cent have booked tickets directly after scanning the poster.

The Google Nexus 7, Blackberry Bold and Samsung S3 are some of the handsets used to access information.

“Cinemax has always ensured the best experience to all its patrons and this is one of its initiatives,” said Girish Wankhede, head of marketing and corporate communications. “We are delighted to see that so many people have used the application, this shows that the times are changing and so are the needs of the patrons and we have and will ensure that we satisfy the needs.”

India has a huge number of registered SIMs and massive numbers of feature phone owners – around 500m - but smartphone penetration is among the lowest in the APAC region.

Nielsen estimated that in July that there were 27m smartphone users in urban India. This is expected to grow as handsets and data packages become more affordable.