Ineos launches integrated ‘You Can Handle Anything’ campaign to promote its latest handwash

Chemical firm Ineos has launched a campaign titled ‘You Can Handle Anything’ to promote its new handwash, the latest product in the Ineos Hygienics range. The Ineos Hygienics brand was launched following the global COVID-19 pandemic, with Ineos using its chemical expertise to rapidly open factories in the UK, Europe and the US to gift hand hygiene products to hospitals around the world. 

Creatively conceived and executed by The&Partnership, with Wavemaker responsible for all media planning and buying, the campaign champions the vital role of hands in everyday life, and conveys the importance of protecting and caring for your hands.

The campaign launched yesterday across cinema, TV, OOH, digital, social and bespoke OOH screens in Canada Square in London.  

At the heart of the campaign is a film that shows the many different tasks our hands perform, from everyday moments like tying shoelaces to the life-saving action of CPR. To ensure the theme of hands and their important role in everyday life is continued off-screen, the campaign was shot and produced using hand-crafted cinematographic techniques. The film was shot on 16mm film, with hand-held cameras for both film & photography. 

“We believe in challenging perceptions and doing things differently,” said Caroline Reynolds, Head of Marketing and Innovation at Ineos Hygienics. “It makes sense then that the campaign to launch our new hand wash also subverts everything you might expect. Central to the idea is showing how much more there is to hand hygiene. This hands-on campaign isn’t just about being tough on germs, its about making sure youre safe in the knowledge that youre protected so that you can get out there and do all the things that matter.”